Welded Body Cylinders

Welded body hydraulic cylinders dominate the mobile hydraulic equipment market; they are the most common hydraulic cylinder used today.

Superior in design, welded body cylinders do not utilize tie rods. The body frequently referred to as the barrel or tube is welded directly to the end cap. The ports or fittings are welded to the tube body. Depending upon the retention design the gland or head is fastened by:

  • Internal threads machined in the front of the tube bore
  • Bolted to the cylinder barrel
  • Welded to the tube
  • Threaded cap
  • Retaining clip
  • Lock wire
In most cases, the piston rod assembly and the rod seals may be removed for service.

Eagle can offer our reliable standard cylinder designs or through our advanced manufacturing, build a cylinder to your existing drawing and specifications. Trust Eagle to supply a high quality, reliable hydraulic cylinder that will meet or exceed your requirements at a cost effective price.

Eagle offers a variety of corrosion resistant coatings to compliment your hydraulic application from chrome plated 1045, 4140 rod to Nitride, we can assist you in finding the right solution to meet your application requirement.