Hydraulic Cylinders for Roll Off Trucks

Waste Management Roll Off hoists, container handlers and trailer products are made to be rugged and durable to withstand the punishment and stress from demanding loads.

Eagle Hydraulic Cylinders are manufactured to high quality standards, matched perfectly to this environment. Manufactured to strict OEM standards in an ISO TS 16949 certified facility, Eagle hydraulic cylinders will be a powerful experience.

  • Boom Slide Cylinder
  • Cable Cylinder
  • Dump Cylinder
  • Hoist Cylinder
  • Hoist Lift Cylinder
  • Jack Cylinder
  • Jack Leg Cylinder
  • Jib Extend
  • Reeving Cylinder
  • Roller Cylinder
  • Rotator Cylinder
  • Stabilizer Cylinder
  • Stinger Cylinder
  • Tail Extend Cylinder
  • Tilt Cylinder
  • Tilt Dump Cylinder
  • Winch Cylinder