Hydraulic Cylinders for Refuse Trucks

Refuse equipment or Garbage trucks are critical in our society. Built to rugged and high quality standards, we rely on this equipment to keep our streets clean. The brute force and high duty cycle of the hydraulic system is critical to maximize efficient operation. Be assured that Eagle Hydraulic Cylinders can meet this demand. Manufactured to strict OEM standards in an ISO TS 16949 certified facility, Eagle hydraulic cylinders will be a crushing experience.

Eagle Hydraulic is a key partner to OEM manufacturers in the Waste Management Equipment Industry. Our hydraulic cylinders can be found on the following types of refuse equipment:

Refuse Equipment Hydraulic Cylinder Types

  • Adjustable Fork Cylinder
  • Arm Cylinder
  • Arm Lift Cylinder
  • Arm Reach Cylinder
  • Arm Swivel Cylinder
  • Blade Cylinder
  • Blade Slide Cylinder
  • Body Raise Cylinder
  • Bottom Compactor Cylinder
  • Cart Dump Cylinder
  • Carriage Cylinder
  • Compactor Cylinder
  • Container Arm Lift Cylinder
  • Container Cylinder
  • Container Dump Cylinder
  • Container Fork Cylinder
  • Container Grabber Cylinder
  • Container Tilt Cylinder
  • Dump Hoist Cylinder
  • Dumper Cylinder
  • Dumping Door Cylinder
  • Ejector Cylinder
  • Fork Cylinder
  • Grabber Cylinder
  • Grip Cylinder
  • Hoist Cylinder
  • Holding Panel Cylinder
  • Hopper Cover Cylinder
  • Inner Door Swing Cylinder
  • Inside Blade Cylinder
  • Inside Packer Cylinder
  • Lift Cylinder
  • Lift Arm Cylinder
  • Lift Tip Dump Cylinder
  • Link Cylinder
  • Loading Arm Cylinder
  • Operating Blade Cylinder
  • Operating Packer Cylinder
  • Operating Sweep Cylinder
  • Outside Packer Cylinder
  • Outside Blade Cylinder
  • Overhead Container Cylinder
  • Packer Cylinder
  • Packer Blade Cylinder
  • Panel Cylinder
  • Partition Door Swing Cylinder
  • Partition Positioning Cylinder
  • Push Out Cylinder
  • Reach Cylinder
  • Reeving Cylinder
  • Roll Bar Cylinder
  • Self Levelling Cylinder
  • Service Body Lift Cylinder
  • Slide Cylinder
  • Slide Shift Cylinder
  • Sweep Cylinder
  • Tailgate Raise Cylinder
  • Tailgate Latch Cylinder
  • Through Bucket Lift Cylinder
  • Tilt Cylinder
  • Top Compactor Cylinder
  • Top Door Cylinder
  • Winch Cylinder

Front Loader

Rear Loader

Side Load - Automated Side Loader