Hydraulic Cylinders for Dump Trailers

Eagle supplies quality built Hydraulic Cylinders to many OEM trailer manufacturers across North America. Manufactured to meet the rugged and harsh conditions, made from high grade materials, offering Chrome or Nitride rods, Cast ends and Powder Coat Paint, be assured, our cylinders will hold strong.

You can find Eagle Hydraulic Cylinders installed on:

  • 1
    Telescopic Dump Trailers are very commonly sold in the Canadian Trailer Market, Lower cost than a scissor hoist & lower pressure @ 2200 PSI, offering increased durability of battery. The trunnion mount controls stability, tilting at a 40 Degree + Angle, no buckling
  • 2
    A scissor hoist is much stronger and has more lifting power than twin hydraulic cylinders. The scissor design also is much more stable for raising and lowering uneven or shifting loads.
  • 3
    A gooseneck trailer will often be utilized for heavy loads and equipment towing rather than a standard trailer because of its increased stability and tighter turning radius.
  • 4
    Tilt & Load Trailers ease loading as these trailers eliminate the requirement of a ramp. The deck of a Tilt & Load Trailer can be either Full or Partial Tilt.

Integrated Solution

Not only can Eagle provide you with high quality hydraulic cylinders. We also offer many related accessories such as:

  • Telescopic H mount bracket
  • Telescopic cylinder trunnion mounts
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Aluminum or polycarbonate tool box
  • Remote control and more...