Hydraulic Cylinders for Compactors & Balers

Garbage, we produce it every day, thus the need for Hydraulic Compactors and Balers to compact it into manageable loads for effective recycling and disposal. Eagle Hydraulic Cylinders help get the job done, rugged and built to last designs perform their duty with ease to increase the efficiency and operation of the unit. Manufactured to strict OEM standards in an ISO TS 16949 certified facility, you can rely on Eagle Hydraulic Cylinders to keep on crushing.

Our latest compactor cylinder design incorporates many features to offset side loading a crossed application. Eagle Hydraulic would like to hear from you, we would be happy to discuss how we can assist you with your application requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Balers

Heavy duty Baler Cylinders require sound welds, high quality seals and wear bands to assure integrity and high quality. Our welding process is top notch, utilizing OTC digital pulse technology to assure a leak free superior weld on every cylinder. Trust Eagle for high quality engineered hydraulic cylinders at a price you can afford.

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